The Safest Way to Travel

As part of the fastest growing travel sector in the world, cruise lines have compiled the best safety record in the travel industry. More than 20 million people each year enjoy cruise vacations that are fun, safe and offer a wide variety of amenities and recreational activities that appeal to all vacationers. 

Exemplary Performance

As a global industry, cruise lines are primarily regulated at the international level, but as our ships visit ports in countries around the world, we also comply with a complex framework of flag state regulations (countries where ships are registered) and port state regulations (countries where our ships visit, such as Canada and the U.S.). The cruise industry has evolved to be a leader in innovation and technological advancement.

Safety First

The average cruise ship has more than 4,000 smoke detectors, with an average response time in an emergency of a matter of minutes. Trained fire teams and emergency crews are stationed onboard.

The cruise ship is a controlled environment with limited access. All crew members and guests appear on an official manifest. Passengers and crew may embark and disembark only after passing through security and once a ship is underway, only documented employees and fare-paying guests are onboard.

Security Procedures

Highly trained security personnel are employed onboard every vessel. At cruise terminals port security includes passenger screening procedures similar to those found at airports, including inspection of all baggage.

Cruise lines adhere to a unified industry standard – zero tolerance – for crime onboard cruise ships and operate within a very strict legal framework that gives international, national and local authorites the right to investigate crimes aboard cruise ships.

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January 9, 2015
Cruise incidents down despite capacity spike, says study
Cruise incidents down despite capacity spike, says study

A comprehensive study of cruise ship emergencies has found that the number of major incidents such as fires, engine failures, and other serious safety problems, has trended downward over the past five years, even as cruise ship capacity has sharply increased.

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