About CLIA - North West & Canada

Cruise Lines International Association - North West & Canada is a non-profit association that represents the major cruise lines operating in the Pacific Northwest (British Columbia, Washington State, Alaska & Hawaii) and in Atlantic Canada and Quebec.

The role of the Association is to develop strong partnerships with the communities in which its member lines are based, and those they visit. CLIA-NWC works with local organizations to develop opportunities, support economic and environmental studies and collaborate with government agencies to ensure a workable regulatory environment.

The CLIA-North West & Canada office, which is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, represents cruise lines as part of the Cruise Lines International Association global network.

Future of the Cruise Ship Industry 

The economic impact of cruise tourism is indeed significant. In 2012, cruise ship calls generated $2.38 billion in total output for the Canadian economy and provided for more than 17,000 jobs that pay up to $780 million in wages and salaries. The purchase of ship supplies, repairs and maintenance, fuel, stevedoring, port costs and pilotage all help to boost the Canadian economy – as do the passengers and crew members who spend money on hotel accommodations, local tours, buses, taxis, air transportation and at shops and restaurants.

Cruise vacations continue to be among the strongest markets in tourism. Cruise lines continue to expand as they add more ships to their fleets and cruise to a wider variety of picturesque locations.            

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